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Liwa Desert Adventure

Liwa Overnight Desert Camping



Embark on the Liwa overnight desert camping, departing Abu Dhabi at 12:30 PM for a 2-hour dune driving adventure in the Empty Quarter. Visit a charming camel farm, explore the lush Liwa Oasis, and engage in mesmerizing sandboarding.

As the sun sets, marvel at the golden to burning red transformation of the sand at our camp set up. Enjoy a delectable live BBQ dinner under the stars, followed by Shisha indulgence. spend a night in this stunning setting, with a chance to see gazelle during the dune drive.

Gather around a cozy bonfire, adding warmth and camaraderie to the night. Settle into comfortable camping equipment, including tents and sleeping bags. Wake early for a breathtaking sunrise and conclude your Liwa adventure with a delightful breakfast. Bid farewell to the desert at 9 AM, heading back to Abu Dhabi and cherishing memories of an extraordinary desert camping experience enriched by the grace of gazelle encounters and the flickering glow of a memorable bonfire


Pick up time 12 PMExploring Liwa desert
Photo stopYes Required
Camel farm visitingVisit oasis
SandboardingWill provide all camping gears
Water and soft drinksCoffe and tea
Sunset and sunriseBreakfast
Drop off 12PM (next day)

Frequently Asked Question

Liwa is a region located in the western part of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Liwa Overnight Desert Camping is an outdoor camping experience that takes place in the Liwa region. It offers visitors the opportunity to spend a night in the desert, surrounded by the stunning landscapes and natural beauty of the area.

To book Liwa Overnight Desert Camping, you can  contact our tour operators through website 

Liwa Overnight Desert Camping offers a range of activities such as  (4x4 off-road desert drives), camel farm visiting, sandboarding,bonfire,visit oasis,stargazig etc..

It is advisable to pack essentials such as lightweight and breathable clothing, sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, comfortable shoes for walking on sand, personal toiletries, a flashlight, a camera, and any necessary medications. It's also a good idea to bring a jacket or sweater for cooler desert nights.

 Camping in the Liwa Desert is generally safe. However, it's important to follow the instructions and guidelines provided by the tour operator or campsite staff to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience

The best time to go for Liwa Overnight Desert Camping is during the winter months (october to May) when the weather is milder and more comfortable for outdoor activities. Summers in the Liwa region can be extremely hot, so it's advisable to avoid camping during those months.

Liwa Overnight Desert Camping packages include  dinner and breakfast


Spending a Day In Liwa Desert is best experience

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