abu dhabi buggy tour
Abudhabi Desert Adventures

Abu Dhabi Buggy Tour

Embark on an exhilarating Abu Dhabi buggy tour and experience the thrilling off-road adventure in the stunning desert landscape.

The tour begins with a comprehensive safety briefing, also ensuring your comfort and security throughout the journey in the Abu Dhabi Buggy Tour. Hop into your own all-terrain buggy and also brace yourself for an adrenaline-pumping ride through rugged terrains. Rev up the engine and feel the sheer power of the buggy as you prepare to conquer the majestic sand dunes. From gentle slopes to steep inclines, expert drivers will guide you through the desert, ensuring a seamless experience.

Venture deep into the heart of the desert, where awe-inspiring panoramic views and captivating natural scenery await. Feel the rush of excitement as you skillfully maneuver through challenging sand dunes, embracing every thrilling twist and turn. Transitioning from one dune to another, the anticipation builds, offering a chance to conquer new heights and savor breathtaking vistas. Capture picture-perfect moments as you pause amidst the golden sands, immersing yourself in the picturesque surroundings. Transitioning from the exhilarating dune bashing, take a moment to soak in the serene ambiance of the desert. Arriving at a traditional Bedouin camp, take a break and immerse yourself in camel riding, sandboarding. Transitioning from the adventurous activities, indulge in the flavors of authentic Arabian cuisine during a delectable barbecue dinner. Immerse yourself in the rich culture with traditional music and dance performances, adding an authentic touch to your experience.

Transitioning from the enchanting evening, unwind in comfortable seating areas, sipping on refreshing beverages. As the tour concludes, reminisce on the unforgettable memories created during your Abu Dhabi buggy tour, leaving you with a lasting sense of exhilaration and a deeper appreciation for the desert’s captivating beauty. Don’t miss this extraordinary adventure to discover the wonders of Abu Dhabi’s desert landscape. Book your buggy tour now and embark on the ultimate off-road escapade.

Abu Dhabi Buggy Tour


Pick up and drop off by 4X4
Dune buggy ride 30 minutes
900AED+5% VAT
Additional information
Must sign a waiver or a disclaimer form
Not provide insurance coverage for dune buggy
Timing 8:00AM TO 12:00 PM

Frequently Asked Question

An Abu Dhabi buggy tour is an adventurous off-road experience where you can drive a dune buggy through the desert in Abu Dhabi. It's a thrilling way to explore the beautiful desert landscape.

No prior experience is necessary to participate in an Abu Dhabi buggy tour. Professional guides will provide a safety briefing and instructions on operating the buggy before the tour begins.

It is recommended to wear comfortable and loose-fitting clothing suitable for outdoor activities.

Yes, you are usually allowed to bring your camera or smartphone on the tour. However, it's important to secure them properly to prevent any damage while driving the buggy through the desert. It's a good idea to bring a secure strap or a protective case to keep your devices safe during the ride.

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